I have been purchasing vegs from the supermarket for too many years to mention! What I love about MyFarmersMarket is that THEY choose the vegetables for me. My beautiful fresh vegetables arrive and I dont know what I am receiving until I open the box. I then work my meals around the produce they provide for me. It adds variety to my meal planning and at times forces us to try different and delicious vegetable options. I can see myself expanding on my purchases from this company!
I am impressed with this company & I don't impress easily.
They are friendly, respectful & give you the best service ever.
In fact, if other companies did what this company does, it would boost our economy.
Placing your order on-line, having the option to pickup or have it be ordered, so easy.
The products are fresh, look & taste yummy.
Try them & you will get hooked too.
I realy like finding all that I need in one place. The sites improvements makes it so easy to search for what you want and then some. This is great for the enviroment .You are not driving from store to store . You are just a few clicks away from enjoying the best of Manitoba.
As a mother to 3 kids under the age of 3, convenience and healthy are top priorities in our home. My Farmers Market has the most beautiful produce, dairy, eggs, etc. and delivers to my front door typically the same day as we order! The prices are comparable to what you would pay in a store. We couldn't imagine our lives without this convenient and nutritious option!
My farmer's market has great products and the service is outstanding. We order fresh Manitoba eggs from them quite often and love that there are both brown and white eggs in each dozen. Also, love the bread from Gunn's the taste is amazing.
An excellent service for getting fresh local wholesome produce quickly and reliably and delivered to the door on time by cheerful staff. Although we have a couple of grocery stores within just three 3 blocks of our house, we still find My Farmers' Market a preferable option for many items. I can only imagine the appeal this service would have for the elderly, shut-ins, and those living at some distance from a well-stocked grocery store. Keep up the great work guys.
I enjoyed receiving a mixed variety of fresh fruits and veggies, there are a lot of options for delivery times. The variety of foods are always growing.
Amazing service, extremely fresh produce and a great selection of hormone free meat. We have been customers since the beginning and cannot be more pleased.
Keep up the great work guys !
Seriously so happy with My Farmers Market! Love the simplicity of it. The website is very easy to use and understand, easy to find what you want, and the prices are very reasonable considering it's all fresh and organic and delicious. Also, what's better than grocery shopping from the comfort of your own home? :)
I have been enjoying My Farmers' Market for just over a year. I have sampled just about everything that has been available, with few exceptions, and everything I have purchased has been top-quality. The delivery service is courteous and reliable. I do not know why anyone would waste their time in a crowded grocery store and in lineups waiting for a cashier now that a vastly superior option is available.