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Pitted Dried Plums - Prunes - 170 g

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Certified Organic

1 x 170 g bag of Pitted Prunes 


Some people call them dried plums.  Some people call them prunes.  Whatever your lingo, you can call these plump, juicy morsels delicious.


And because our plums are organically gorwn you can savor every pure, irresistible bite.


It's yummy. You're happy. Guarnteed.

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Even when you start small, you can change the world.

Thirty years ago, we started a journey in a 2½-acre garden that has extended from our community to yours: local and national and international, rural and urban, kitchen tables and dining halls, supermarkets and corner stores.  

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to producing the purest food possible, food that nourishes and delights. 

We’re passionate about people and the planet, and we believe both deserve our respect and care.  Learn more about a healthy planet.

We’ve been a pioneer since 1984, and we continue to blaze new trails in organic food and farming. We challenge conventional business practices and innovate across grocery aisles to inspire and nourish the people who buy our food. 


Thank you for your support of our journey and our mission: to bring the benefits of organic food to as many people as possible and serve as a catalyst for positive change.