Frequently Asked Questions


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My Farmers Market, are you open all year round?


We certainly are!


My Farmers' Market is open year around, 7 days a week. You can schedule a delivery most days, except Christmas and other select holidays.



Do I have to sign up? Is there a monthly subscription or minimum order required?


We like our freedom and respect yours.  There is no subscription or minimum order (though any order over $85 is free delivery). With our deliciously fresh offerings, excellent customer service, and the variety of real food, we are confident we will see you again.



How do I order?


Browse through our online aisles using the tabs at the top of the page and find a category which you would like to browse. Click on a product picture or name to view more information. Here you will find out more about the source, ingredients and nutritional information. Once you have decided on an item you would like to purchase, click the 'add to cart' button. These items will remain there while you shop, and can be reviewed at checkout.


If you wish to place an order without using a computer, please call us at the office, during business hours.  We can place the order, for you, over the phone!


Give us a call at the office, 204 272 9555!



How do I pay?


There are several options for payment:


Cash on Delivery - Inspect your order, at your door, before you pay. We accept, cash, debit, or credit on delivery.  We do not accept personal cheques.


Pay Online - Use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Your transaction security is just as important to us, as it is to you. We use only the best, SSL certificate software to insure your information is secure.



Where do you deliver?


We deliver to all of Winnipeg.  Check your postal code here for a delivery schedule, or upon checkout.

We can deliver to your home or office, or even surprise a friend or family with fresh food to their door.  We can deliver to any address, whether it is an apartment with stairs, a house up a gravel road, or just a mail box.  We will deliver in 30 below or 30 above; in snow, sleet or rain.  As long as someone is available for reception, we can deliver!

What are your delivery fees?


Delivery is FREE with an order of $85.00 or more.  Orders under $85.00, $8.00 will be charged for delivery.



 What type of products can I find on your website?


Our focus is to offer locally produced items in efforts to support our community. Sourcing local foods creates a demand for food which hasn't traveled unnecessary distances.


We select farmers and food producers based on their ethics, such as produce which has been grown naturally, leaving the least imprint on our environment as possible, grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or sprays. When we have not met the farmer's and are unsure of where an item is coming from we are certain to source Certified Organic.


During the growing season you will find many fresh seasonally available items grown by various Manitoba farmers.  You can also find many grocery items, such as organic baking ingredients, canned and jarred goods, meats, cheeses, breads and more.


You can expect to find many Manitoba produced food items even during the winter such as fresh Manitoba hydroponic lettuces and herbs, honey's, meat and cheeses, all sourced locally and ethically.


There are items which are not made or grown locally, such as, bananas or shredded coconut.   These cases, we have not met the farmers so are sure to source a Certified Organic product.  We carry these items in our efforts to broaden our selection and create a one stop shop.



Do you primarily offer fruit and veggies?

A common misconception is that we only provide fresh vegetables and fruit. However, we also stock naturally raised meats, baked goods from Winnipeg bakeries, organic pastas, sauces, flours.  Any variety you are able to buy at the big box store, you should find a substitution or replacement on MFM . We even carry beauty products!


If you would like us to carry a specific type of item, contact us, by clicking here.  We'd love to pass it on to our purchasing team!



I'm looking for a specific product, I saw on MFM previously. Where did it go?


Sometimes an item is in large demand and we temporarily run out of stock.  As our stock is in real time with what we physically have at our warehouse, check back again soon and we should have it in stock after it arrives at our warehouse.  

Some items are not always available and fluctuate with seasons and availability. We are always adding new products weekly to increase our selection and inventory.



Where are the bakery & catering items?


As the bakery is not open 7 days a week, you may notice it is not displayed on the weekends.  When you order items from our bakery or catering section, these items are made to order, this means we call in your order the day before, no later than 12:30 PM and it is then brought to our warehouse early the next morning. 


Please note items can be ordered during the week for weekend delivery times.



What are my options for delivery times?


On our online checkout you will be given times to choose from based on your postal code.


For more information on specific delivery times for your neighborhood please check here.



How will I know when my order will be delivered?


You choose a delivery time (2 hour window) which fits your schedule.


On checkout, after you have entered your delivery address, a schedule based on your postal code will be displayed.  You then select a 2 hour window when you will be home. Your order will arrive within this time frame.


After checkout, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your time of delivery.


Weather permitting, if you have signed up for our reusable bin program and paid for your order online, you may opt to have your groceries dropped at an arranged location, such as a porch, or back door. Be sure to have your previous bin empty and ready to be swapped at this time.



I am ordering before my cut off but there are no options for the next delivery?


You may be outside our 'Same Day' delivery area, and only have one option per week,



Our 2 hour routes max out at a specific number of orders.  In the event that our schedule has capped out, this 2 hour window will no longer be available for selection. In this case please select the next available 2 hour window which fits your schedule. Ordering with more lead time will ensure your preferred delivery time.



How is my order picked?


Your order is packaged and sent out direct from our warehouse location, Unit 2 - 2145 Portage Ave.


There are two walk in coolers, a walk in freezer, and dry storage shelving. Items, with the exception of our bread, are stocked on site - our stock works in real time with what is available on the website.


If you have not yet signed up for our Reusable Bin Program, your groceries will be carefully and neatly packed in brown paper bags. Meat is always packaged separately.  All food is handled with non latex gloves.  Our produce bags are made from corn and  are 100 % biodegradable. We offer a program, intended to save on our packaging, which cycles clean Rubbermaid bins for the transportation of your order.


All orders will arrive fresh and are delivered in an insulated refrigerated MFM delivery vehicle.



What can I expect with my order? What if I discover something wrong with my order after I receive it?


From us you can expect only quality!  We ensure you receive the most fresh, and top quality foods. If a food item is not fresh, please do not hesitate to let us know, we will be sure to address the issue!


Please check your order over with your delivery driver at the time of signing your delivery slip. If we have missed an item, or mistakenly replaced an item with another, it is best to address this at the time of delivery.


If you notice something is amiss after you have already signed your delivery slip, please call us at the office.


204 272 9555



Where is your storefront?


We do not have a physical storefront.  All orders are placed on our website, and prepared at our warehouse.


You can find out what we have in store, and information about each product on our website.

Many of the items found on our website are available in store for purchase at Fresh Local Fare.

Fresh Local Fare is located at 2145 Portage Ave.


Am I able to pickup?


Pickup is always an option, choose the pick-up option during the online check out process. Place your order at least 1 day in advance, or make special arrangements for assembly on the Same Day.  Please specify in the delivery notes for the specific time frame you are intending to pick up.


You can find our offices and warehouse at Unit 2 - 2145 Portage Ave. It is required to arrange a pickup time prior to arriving - as we are in and out of the office most of the day.



Groceries delivered to my door, no more grocery store.. whats the catch?


Online grocery shopping is the way of the future! If you are an early adapter, you already know this! It is making its way over from Europe and even out west. We are passionate about food AND quality; only the freshest food is selected to be delivered to our clientele. See what a growing community of healthy online shoppers have to say about us here!




Why do I have more items, in my order, than outlined on my invoice?


Many items on our store are sold by unit price, such as 'Zucchini – 1 ea'. When an item is smaller than intended, we will be sure to give you the value for your dollar. This is why you find some extra items in an order, do not be alarmed.


As our meat is also sold by the unit, you can expect a slight variance in weight from package to package. If the variance is much greater than stated on the product weight description, a Variance Voucher will be issued with your order to make up for any price discrepancies.


Not often but it can be that a product is sub par, or has come too close to its expiry.  At this time you may find an item has been sequentially removed from your order. Sometimes the item has been replaced by a similar item. When the product is removed completely we will issue you a voucher for it's full refund value.  This can happen when an order is placed more than a week in advance.  As our stock is in real time, some items may no longer  be available or will be past their prime.



Local food, organic food.. I feel like that’s going to be expensive, plus delivery?!


It's no secret healthy food has a higher price tag than 'food' filled with chemicals and preservatives. But you will be pleasantly surprised to find that most of our products are quite affordable; some even cheaper than a big box store.


When comparing us to local organic markets in Winnipeg, you will find our items very competitively priced.  Our goal is to broaden our “healthy reach”, enabling people, even people on a budget, to have access to healthy & wholesome foods.




How does MFM  justify a FREE delivery?


When you opt in to have your food delivered for free, you are taking cars off the road!  

Our courier system works like this; 
you are given a 2 hour window to choose for a delivery.  The same is true for all your neighbors.  In fact anyone within a 3 km radius of you, is offered these times as well.  If yourself & 7 neighbors place a delivery for this time, our vans leave the warehouse with all 8 orders and drive a small 3 km loop.  

Your 'neighborhood' drops are completed in these 2 hours and the van returns to be reloaded for the next route. Saving you, and your neighbors, each a trip to the grocery store.  In this example, that's 7 less cars on the road, with enough gas saved for 14 extra trips!

It is encouraging to know, that with our system, we are making positive changes for our environment. With our fuel efficient fleet of refrigerated vehicles, coupled with our populated round trip delivery routing, added to the fact we source our foods as locally as possible, we like to think we are making a difference in our worlds resources consumption.



Why would I shop at My Farmers Market?


We are glad you asked!  When you love real, healthy & wholesome foods, and we know you do, it's not hard to see the value in My Farmers' Market.

By shopping with us, you are making a conscious decision to create a greater demand for a better food system. You are doing your part to support local farmers and their families, plus giving yourself time back in your day! We believe shopping from your computer or phone is the most convenient and time effective way to receive your groceries.

Let us help you to avoid those regular trips to the grocery store, crowded check out lines, and busy parking lots. Together we can make a change towards the most efficient way to distribute REAL food!

We can't wait to serve you!