Pure Lemon Juice - 370 ml

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Certified Organic 

1 x 370 ml Bottle of Lemon Juice - Product of USA 

This is a natural, full strength, organic pure lemon juice.  This is NOT a diluted product.  Two tablespoons equal the juice of one whole lemon. 

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Organic Fruit Juice is Our Passion

We are an honest-to-goodness, family-operated Organic Fruit Juice company, and since 1935, our family has been committed to producing the finest all natural juice you'll ever taste! Our passion for creating the perfect beverage experience comes from generations of experience and hard work. From the fruits and vegetables in our juices, to the processes used to make them, we use only the best when it comes to products that will be part of your healthy lifestyle every day. There is nothing artificial about our juices and nothing artificial about our dedication to helping you buy organic juice that you will love.

All Natural Juice, No Compromises

All natural juice isn't a phrase we toss around lightly here at Lakewood Juices. We never add preservatives, sugar, evaporated cane juice, or high-fructose corn syrup, and we never will! Whether it's pomegranate, carrot, cranberry, or any of our other fine juices, that is the only thing you'll find in our bottles. When we say organic fruit juice, we mean it. In addition to looking great, our signature glass bottles do an excellent job retaining our products' freshness and health benefits from our farms to your home. Every delicious bottle is vacuum sealed to keep the goodness inside until the moment you twist open the cap.