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Great Northern Beans - 796 ml

  • Eden Foods
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Certified Organic 

1 x 796 ml can of Great Northern Beans

Ingredients: Great Northern Beans, Water, kombu seaweed

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What is Eden Foods? 

* A principled natural food company

* Independently owned and operated for over 45 years

* Only the finest food that can be procured from growers and handlers we know and trust

* Doing everything it takes to acquire the absolute best, no shortcuts

* Full transparency – complete disclosure of ingredients and all handling

* Great tasting food that is pure & purifying

* All Eden facilities rated Superior, AIB International's highest rating



Locally Grown Food


Eden buys all food from, and pays farms directly getting more cash to them. Most is grown a few miles to a few hundred miles from home base. In the Midwest we source wild rice, beans, spelt, soybeans, cabbage, apples, tart cherries, strawberries, pastry wheat, and tomatoes. Other North American family farm organic food includes grains from the Midwest and Western high plains; almonds, pistachios, and brown rice are from California; flax and mustard seed are from Saskatchewan; dulse is from New Brunswick. …too many to list here.


Cooking and packaging centers around home too. Eden prepares 70% of its items at headquarters: fresh milled whole grain flours, gomasio sesame salts, unrefined vegetable oils, vinegars, soy sauces, roasted almonds and seeds, packaged snacks, whole grains, sea salt, popcorn and other grain. EDENSOY is made twelve miles east at an affiliate company we founded to bring its manufacture from Japan to Michigan. Eden Organic Pasta Company is in Detroit. Meridian Foods cannery for organic beans, refried beans, rice and beans, and chilies is in east-central Indiana. Eden organic udon and soba noodles are made at Sobaya Company in Montréal, PQ.


Some Eden food comes from afar: extra virgin olive oil from Spain, high altitude white and red quinoa from the Andes mountains, chamomile from Egypt, and green tea and traditional healthy food from Japan. The soybeans in our miso and soy sauces are non-GMO, U.S.A. Midwestern organic.